Contact Details

🌎Contact Information🌎

We are still here for you – we are now set up to be working from home to answer any questions!

You can contact us on our normal number 01254 776677  for Darwen bookings and 0161 725 9113 for Radcliffe and this will divert to a member of the team. Please note the phone may take longer to answer than normal.

If it just rings out email us on and will will pick your message up and call you back.

In case of emergencies email sales@prworldtravel and mark the subject line as URGENT

Contact emails for individual staff members are:

Steve –
Tania –
Dawn –
Jane –
Claire –
Bethany –

We will be available between the hours of 10am-4.30pm

You can message on Facebook as well – so whatever method you prefer we will be here to help!

Please remember we are working from home so you may hear the odd dog barking or children asking for help with their science homework 😂

Also remember that we are doing our best for you and we can only go off tour operator rules and regulations, I know this is a scary time for everybody but please remember our staff are just as scared as you so please respect ❤️

❤️Take care everybody and stay safe ❤️