Covid 19 News

🌎 Holidays Are Back 🌎

Now we are allowed to travel again here are some useful hints and tips and links to useful links to websites to make going on holiday a little bit easier ✈

✅ Step 1 – Book with us!!

We are your local independent travel agent and want you to get back to travelling safely and not be caught out by any of the new rules and regulations! We are also the same price or cheaper than the internet on a lot of package holidays and will always look after you 😍

✅ Step 2 – Always check your upto date entry requirements including test requirements and Health Declaration forms and follow the FCDO travel advice. Even after you have booked you should check this in case there are any changes

✅ Step 3 – Arrange your tests ( If Required )

There are lots of companies offering tests and we are not associated with any testing companies but you need to ensure that whoever you use is government approved.

This is one company that is offering tests and they have a drop box at Birch Services so not too far away.

And finally we just want to say thanks for all of your continued support and understanding!

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