Happy World Elephant Day…

Elephant gestation period longer than any living species | BBC EarthWorld Elephant Day is a platform for groups and individuals to come together and speak out about issues that harm elephants. 

Here at PR World Travel we do many adventures around the world to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

I think it’s very important for people to understand what is ethical and what isn’t when it comes to Elephant tourism. 

I actively discourage the participation of all travellers in any activities that exploit wild or domestic/working animals. I would discourage people from riding Elephants; you might see many articles that say riding elephants does not hurt them.  However, this is false.  Many of the riding elephants that have finally been rescued have spine problems and terrible wounds on their backs from carrying heavy loads.

I would always encourage people to do research before booking any trips including elephants or any other wild animals. If it doesn’t sound ethical, please don`t do it! In my eyes elephants should be in the wild and seeing them in their natural habitat is the most amazing thing in the world. They are very intelligent creatures and extremely family orientated. The oldest, most dominant female is called the matriarch. She is the backbone of the elephant family unit because she provides stability and teaches her family everything they need to know to survive in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

Elephants are wonderful so please think before taking part in any activity. 

I recentley returned from Botswana and Zimbabwe, seeing these creatures in the wild was truly special, and something I will never forget!! Looking into the eyes of an elephant is like looking into their soul..


-Picture taken by Bethany 🙂






**If you would like to go on a wildlife holiday in search of these magnificent animals please speak to Bethany, she will tell you eveything you need to know :)**


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