To All The Wildlife Fanatics..

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The world is full of wonderful/amazing and peculiar wildlife. Often when we think of wildlife, we just think  Africa and Africa alone. Africa to me is one of the most spectacular destinations for wildlife, From the Gorillas and Chimpanzees of Rwanda/ Uganda and other surrounding countries. To one of the last remaining wildernesses on the planet the stunning Okavango Delta. I mustn’t miss out the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, that is Madagascar (where over 80% of the flora and Fauna is found nowhere else on the planet!). I mean Madagascar to me screams David Attenborough!

Let’s forget about Africa for a minute. Let’s talk about other wildlife rich destinations in the world. Central America is another stand out destination for wildlife, from the abundance of paradise birds to sleepy sloths and mischievous monkeys. Central America is a must for wildlife lovers, particularly Costa Rica: and with its beautiful beaches too, you can`t go wrong! People may not think of South America being wildlife rich, however it has some of the world’s best places in the world to spot some unique wildlife. From the Amazon rainforest to the Pantanal (Brazil) The flooded grassland is mostly situated within Brazil, but parts spill into neighbouring Paraguay and Bolivia. This large wetland is one of the easiest places in the world to see the elusive Jaguar. 

I could talk and talk for days about unique destinations with spectacular wildlife, but instead if you want to see some wildlife but don`t know where to start, please come into the office and speak to Bethany she`s so enthusiastic about nature and wildlife, and will help you find a trip of a lifetime 😊!


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