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To All The Wildlife Lovers..

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    To all the wildlife lovers out there, as we have mentioned before the world is full of fasinating wildlife in some of the most unique places. David Attenbourghs new documentary `Mammals` dives into many different animal species and how communities are coming up with innovative ways to live alongside some of the most amazing animals on the planet. In the latest episode the production team went to Zimbabwe, and visited a village close to Victoria Falls where the largest land mammal the elephant roams. Here the elephants come out at night to eat and turn on water pipes to drink with their trunks, many people who live here have respect for these amazing creatures and tend to stay in-doors after dark (your garden gets ruined, but who doesn’t love an elephant). Having a love for all types of animals, it’s always interesting seeing how they are coping living alongside the most successful mammal of all – us. How we are coming up with ways to help them thrive. Its such a nice feeling knowing there are many people out there who truly care.

    Nature is extremely important. Here at PR World Travel we do many wildlife holidays where you have the opportunity to see some of the most magnificent animals around. We use companies who are ethical, give back to the local communities and make sure not to get too close to wildlife so it’s not disturbed.

    Honestly there is NO better feeling in the world them seeing wildlife happy and thriving in the wild, exactly where it should be :).


    CALL US TODAY and ask for Bethany who will happily go through wildlife holidays with you, and hopefully make your dreams come true!

    See you soon!


    0161 725 9113 🙂

    Sunshine Please :)

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      -Solymar Naama Bay Hotel

      -14 nights

      -All inclusive

      -Standard Double with Garden view

      -23kg pp

      -08/05/24 MAN/SSH 10:55/18:35

      -22/05/24 SSH/MAN 19:35/23:35

      -Return coach transfers

      -Cost – £950pp WOW!! 


      Ideally located in the heart of Naama Bay, this is a fantastic destination for a getaway in the sun. Boasting a wide selection of facilities and activities, there is always something to do. Start your day at the sparkling pool, with the little ones heading for the kids’ pool, and break up the day by grabbing some snacks and drinks at the poolside bar.

      You can enjoy an extensive entertainment programme and get the whole family involved. Bring out your competitive side with a game of table tennis or mini soccer, or if you’re thinking about something a bit more active than give aqua gym a go. 



      ***Prices are subject to change/availability** CALL TODAY for more information on this fabulous deal!! 🙂



      0161 725 9113 🙂 

      Pure Luxury In Croatia!

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                            -CROATIA 5*



        -RMH Lopud Lofodia Resort & Welness

        -7 nights


        -Classic Double with Side Sea View

        -22kg pp

        -01/06/24 MAN/DBV 07:15/11:20

        -08/06/24 DBV/MAN 12:20/14:35

        -Return coach transfers

        -Cost – £915pp 🙂


        *Traffic free island setting

        *20m to the beach

        *Excellent spa and wellness 


        RMH Lopud Lafodia Resort & Wellness is situated on the island of Lopud, overlooking the glistening Adriatic and surrounding terrain. Belonging to the Elafite archipelago, the island of Lopud is a tiny jewel set in the blue water of the Adriatic Sea. Directly facing Dubrovnik, cars are not allowed on the island making it a unique natural paradise. The hotel offers excellent accommodation and facilities for couples and friends alike in a wonderful setting.


        ***Subject to change/availabilty** CALL TODAY for more information on this luxury holiday  –


        0161 725 9113 🙂 




        5* Tunisia, Yes Please..

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          -Iberostar Selection Kuriat Palace 5*

          -14 nights

          -All inclusive

          -23kg pp

          -03/11/24 MAN/NBE 06:30/11:00

          -17/11/24 NBE/MAN 11:50/14:15

          -Double Room With Garden View

          -Return coach transfers

          -Cost – £899pp Amazing!! 🙂


          The Iberostar Selection Kuriat Palace impresses with a great supply of facilities and a luxurious edge. It’s a massive, whitewashed property right on the waterfront in Monastir. You’re treated to a private slither of golden sand here, freckled with thatched umbrellas and loungers.

          A chic infinity pool makes the most of those sea views, and it’s flanked by palm trees and cabana-style beds. There’s a whirlpool bath for chilling out in, too. At the other end of the spectrum you’ve got the fun pool, which comes with a whopping 10 waterslides. Rounding things off is a splash pool for tots, flaunting slides, sprinklers and tipping buckets.


          **Prices are subject to change/availability** CALL TODAY  before its too late!! 


          0161 725 9113 🙂


          Turkey Long Stay….

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            -Monta Verde Hotel


            -21 nights

            -Standard Double/Twin Room

            -Return coach transfers

            -22kg pp

            -03/05/24 MAN/DLM 16:00/22:25

            -24/05/24 DLM/MAN 13:25/16:10

            -Cost – £624pp WOW 🙂


            Set in central location in Ovacik, the Monta Verde Hotel has a distinctly Mediterranean feel. The pool area and gardens have a chilled-out vibe with low-key music playing and hammocks scattered under trees, perfect to relax in. The whitewashed buildings are offset with vibrant blue furnishings, and the modern bedrooms are both comfortable and stylish. The Monta Verde Hotel provides the perfect setting for couples and families to have a relaxing break in quality accommodation.


            **Prices are subject to change/availability** CALL TODAY for more information on this super duper deal! 🙂



            0161 725 9113! 🙂

            Paris City Break..





              -Hotel Paris D Issy Porte De Versaillies

              -3 nights


              -06/05/24 MAN/CDG 19:10/21:40

              -09/05/24 CDG/MAN 14:15/14:45

              -23kg pp

              **No transfers included**

              -Cost – £315pp


              This three-star gem offers a peaceful stay in the historic suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Only 100 metres from Mairie d’Issy Metro station, the hotel is just a short ride from the city’s sights, but tucked away from the hustle and bustle of central Paris. 


              **Prices are subject to change/availability** CALL TODAY for more information on this deal! 🙂



              0161 725 9113 🙂

              Who Else Loves To Dream..

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                The World is such an amazing place, I think we are so lucky to call it our home! I’m always day-dreaming of different and unique places in the world. I`m so fascinated by different cultures. I think its bizarre as I’m sat here typing this and there are a couple of tribes in the Congo Basin called the Baka and Bayaka, who have a hunter gather lifestyle, and never take too much from the forest. They only take what food they need and share it between themselves equally as they follow many taboos, if they don`t share what food they have caught this will harm the chances of hunting in the future. It seems its these taboos that guard against over- hunting. They really know how to look after their environment and not take too much from it, they have a very important connection to the forest and earth (as seen on Ben Fogles latest documentary: Into The Congo on Channel 5, worth a watch 😊) I think we could learn a lot from people like this.


                The Congo is probably a place not many people think of visiting or may not even know where it is. To me that’s the best bit, I think travelling outside of the norm and travelling to unique destinations is such a thrill. So next time you are thinking about going somewhere different think about places really unique and places that really need tourism to thrive. If you can think of it, we can do it 😊


                Have a look at EXODUS TRAVELS. I have been on a few adventures with this company and they really do take you to places you wouldn’t have thought of.




                CALL US TODAY for your next ADVENTURE! 


                0161 725 9113 😊


                To All The Wildlife Fanatics..

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                The world is full of wonderful/amazing and peculiar wildlife. Often when we think of wildlife, we just think  Africa and Africa alone. Africa to me is one of the most spectacular destinations for wildlife, From the Gorillas and Chimpanzees of Rwanda/ Uganda and other surrounding countries. To one of the last remaining wildernesses on the planet the stunning Okavango Delta. I mustn’t miss out the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, that is Madagascar (where over 80% of the flora and Fauna is found nowhere else on the planet!). I mean Madagascar to me screams David Attenborough!

                Let’s forget about Africa for a minute. Let’s talk about other wildlife rich destinations in the world. Central America is another stand out destination for wildlife, from the abundance of paradise birds to sleepy sloths and mischievous monkeys. Central America is a must for wildlife lovers, particularly Costa Rica: and with its beautiful beaches too, you can`t go wrong! People may not think of South America being wildlife rich, however it has some of the world’s best places in the world to spot some unique wildlife. From the Amazon rainforest to the Pantanal (Brazil) The flooded grassland is mostly situated within Brazil, but parts spill into neighbouring Paraguay and Bolivia. This large wetland is one of the easiest places in the world to see the elusive Jaguar. 

                I could talk and talk for days about unique destinations with spectacular wildlife, but instead if you want to see some wildlife but don`t know where to start, please come into the office and speak to Bethany she`s so enthusiastic about nature and wildlife, and will help you find a trip of a lifetime 😊!


                0161 725 9113!!

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                What Is On Your Packing List?

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                                    GET PACKING!!


                What items can’t you travel without? Whether it’s a bikini, many many pairs of shoes or umpteen different types of jewellery! Everyone has a list of things they can’t go without!

                The items I can’t travel without are, my Camera and My walking boots!! Everyone is different but I always make sure I create a bullet point list of items that I can tick off.

                There are so many different and wonderful destinations in the world ready for you to explore! Make sure you pack the correct items as you wouldn’t want to go trekking in some posh Jimmy Choos 😊


                Travel Pictures: Stunning Free Photos from Around the World

                CALL TODAY and speak to us about the fascinating destinations that are on offer 🙂 


                0161 725 9113 🙂

                Turkey Loooong stay!!

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                                              -TURKEY 3*



                -Celay Hotel (4.5/5 tripadvisor)


                -21 nights!!

                -02/05/24 16:15/22:25

                -23/05/24 23:50/02:30*

                -Standard Double/Twin Room

                -22kg pp

                -Return coach transfers

                -Cost – £459!! YESSS PLEASE!! 🙂


                The charming and family-run Celay Hotel has become a firm favourite with repeat holidaymakers due to its friendly welcome and laid-back atmosphere. Combining a dramatic mountain backdrop, pine-clad hills with the beautiful scents of the flora around the complex and the rustic terracotta roof, this tranquil property would be an ideal choice for a relaxing break in Turkey.


                **Prices are subject to change/availability** CALL TODAY before its too late!!


                0161 725 9113 🙂

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