To All The Wildlife Lovers..

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    To all the wildlife lovers out there, as we have mentioned before the world is full of fasinating wildlife in some of the most unique places. David Attenbourghs new documentary `Mammals` dives into many different animal species and how communities are coming up with innovative ways to live alongside some of the most amazing animals on the planet. In the latest episode the production team went to Zimbabwe, and visited a village close to Victoria Falls where the largest land mammal the elephant roams. Here the elephants come out at night to eat and turn on water pipes to drink with their trunks, many people who live here have respect for these amazing creatures and tend to stay in-doors after dark (your garden gets ruined, but who doesn’t love an elephant). Having a love for all types of animals, it’s always interesting seeing how they are coping living alongside the most successful mammal of all – us. How we are coming up with ways to help them thrive. Its such a nice feeling knowing there are many people out there who truly care.

    Nature is extremely important. Here at PR World Travel we do many wildlife holidays where you have the opportunity to see some of the most magnificent animals around. We use companies who are ethical, give back to the local communities and make sure not to get too close to wildlife so it’s not disturbed.

    Honestly there is NO better feeling in the world them seeing wildlife happy and thriving in the wild, exactly where it should be :).


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