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Like my other post mentioned we do many different types of holidays here at PR World Travel! 

I thought I would dive more into trekking holidays and give a few examples of the different types of trekking/hiking holidays that we do! 

Hiking & Trekking holidays vary in difficulty levels, you can do these trips on your own, with your spouse or friends/family and you can decide which routes to do. I have done many hiking holidays with my partner; we have found it useful to invest in a digital map and download the various different routes onto there! however I would always recommend taking an actual map too, as you know what technology can be like :)!

The alps are a perfect place to hike on your own as the network of hiking trails are well sign posted and offer routes for every level, from leisure hiking to alpine climbing. My favourite place to go hiking is the dolomites! I have been to various different alpine destinations and nothing beats the Dolomites, from the dramatic peaks and beautiful alpine lakes to the amazing huts offering refreshments and delicious food! A cake is always a must after a hard day’s hiking 😛 

As well as hiking/trekking on your own. We also do guided adventure holidays. I have been on a few adventure hiking holidays from the Accursed mountains in Albania to snow shoeing in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The reason I think guided hiking holidays are great is because some of the places aren’t as well sign posted as other alpine resorts. The guides are also super knowledgably on their destination and its great travelling with like minded people and making some great friends. This is perfect if you are travelling on your own!


If you have any questions around hiking/trekking holidays, I`m the perfect person to chat too 😊

Hope to speak to you soon!


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