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    The World is such an amazing place, I think we are so lucky to call it our home! I’m always day-dreaming of different and unique places in the world. I`m so fascinated by different cultures. I think its bizarre as I’m sat here typing this and there are a couple of tribes in the Congo Basin called the Baka and Bayaka, who have a hunter gather lifestyle, and never take too much from the forest. They only take what food they need and share it between themselves equally as they follow many taboos, if they don`t share what food they have caught this will harm the chances of hunting in the future. It seems its these taboos that guard against over- hunting. They really know how to look after their environment and not take too much from it, they have a very important connection to the forest and earth (as seen on Ben Fogles latest documentary: Into The Congo on Channel 5, worth a watch 😊) I think we could learn a lot from people like this.


    The Congo is probably a place not many people think of visiting or may not even know where it is. To me that’s the best bit, I think travelling outside of the norm and travelling to unique destinations is such a thrill. So next time you are thinking about going somewhere different think about places really unique and places that really need tourism to thrive. If you can think of it, we can do it 😊


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